Rhode Island Staffing Association

Frequently Asked Questions by Candidates about Staffing Companies: 

Q: Do I need to pay a staffing company to match me to a job?

A: You DO NOT have to pay, they are free of cost!

Q: Will working with a staffing company limit me from working elsewhere?

A: Just one interview with one staffing service creates a huge networking resource for you! Imagine how large your network of job connections will be if you apply to several staffing services!

Q: Will I learn new skills?

A: Staffing services’ jobs will keep your current skills current – something that businesses consider a priority! They will help you to gain valuable on-the-job experience and keep your skills fresh! Also, chances are that you’ll be acquiring new skills as you work in different companies for staffing services. More skills and experience usually brings higher salaries and wages and makes you more competitive in the job market! It will improve your resume too!

Q: Are there opportunities for permanent positions?

A: Many temporary assignments result in permanent positions! If you have demonstrated the necessary skills and work ethic on the job, you may be offered the job permanently!

Q: What kind of companies/contractors will I be working with?

A: 90% of business today call staffing services for their employment needs. You will get to work in some of the area’s most prestigious companies that you normally would never have had the chance to work with!

Q: How fast will I be put to work?

A: Staffing services are usually in competition with other staffing services to fill the same job OR the business that they are serving is in urgent need of an employee. If you get called, it’s because they need to speak with you to offer you a job! Miss their call? Return it as soon as possible!

Q: Can I choose what jobs I do?

A: The staffing service will call you and offer you a variety of positions from which to choose. If you are not interested in the job, you can refuse. They want you to accept jobs ONLY if you are able to commit to it. This is extremely important.

Q: Do I get benefits?

A: Many staffing services now offer benefits such as discounted health insurance, paid holidays, paid vacations and more!


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