Rhode Island Staffing Association

RISA Code of Ethics

As a condition of membership in RISA, each member pledges its support of, adherence to, the principles set forth below. Through their voluntary compliance with these principles, RISA members acknowledge that such compliance is in the best interest of the staffing services industry, its customers and its employees.

RISA Members Agree to Always:

1. Comply with all laws and regulations to their business and in their dealing with employees, customers and competitors.

2. Treat all applicants and employees with dignity and respect, and to provide equal employment opportunities based on bona fide job qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability. 

3. RISA provides adequate means for assuring adherence by members to its Standards of Ethics. To further the effectiveness of these procedures, each member shall be responsible for bringing to the attention of the RISA Ethics Committee any violations of these standards. The Ethics Committee shall process any such complaint in accordance with its usual procedure, and, were the facts warrant it, the Ethics Committee shall bring the matter to the attention of the appropriate government authority for its action.



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